A lot of news has emerged in the travel industry about the possible implications of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some international airlines have personally pledged they will make the vaccine mandatory for all international travelers, which makes you wonder if aviation workers will be subject to the same requirement. 

For the time being, this is not the case. At least not for the employees of American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. They will be encouraged, but it will not be a mandatory requirement (barring entry to a destination that makes the vaccine mandatory). 

Should they choose to get it, they will have to wait until after the healthcare workers are vaccinated. Plus, the vaccine will also be paid for them on behalf of the federal government. 

However, don’t expect this same latency to be applied towards something like face masks. 

On their own, Delta Air Lines has banned over 880 travelers in 2020 for their refusal to wear face masks on the plane. It’s a hard line that won’t be wavered from any time soon…

Google’s Censorship Is More Powerful and Prevalent Than You Think

As the world’s most often-used and most powerful search engine, Google has a huge responsibility in ensuring users get complete and accurate information… even if it is politically correct and does not fit the narrative of mainstream news outlets. 

Unfortunately, it appears as if they have been toeing the line a bit too much. Breitbart reports on one of their most censorious efforts to date:

Silicon Valley tech giant Google is facing major criticism after it was revealed that the company removed some local news content from its search results in Australia as part of an ‘experiment.’ Critics have called the situation a ‘chilling illustration’ of the power that Google holds over the internet.

The Silicon Valley giant said on Wednesday that it had been ‘running a few experiments that will each reach about 1% of Google Search users in Australia.’

The Australian Financial Review first reported that Google had tweaked its algorithm to bury links from major Australian news providers. Google confirmed the tweak and downplayed it, adding that it conducts ‘tens of thousands of experiments’ every year.”

Imagine if this same kind of experiment was being run on US news providers… and who’s to say they haven’t already been doing that over the past 5 years!?

Reply to this newsletter and let me know what you think about this so-called experiment from Google: SHOULD they be engaging in actions like this at all?  

Tesla’s Entire Business Makes 33% of Amazon’s Profit from SELLING ADS!

Amazon is widely known as the world’s most powerful e-commerce platform. Yet what most tech enthusiasts are starting to realize just now is their massive potential for becoming a super-power in the digital advertising industry, giving companies like Facebook and Google a serious run for their money. 

Just take a look at what The Motley Fool discovered about Amazon’s ad revenue:

Cowen analysts estimate that Amazon’s ad revenue will climb to $85.2 billion by 2026, representing 13% of global digital ad spending (excluding China). To put that into perspective, that’s more than three times Tesla’s trailing-12-month revenue of $28.18 billion.

In the third quarter [Amazon’s advertising] grew 51% year over year, as marketers sought to capitalize on the captive audience shopping on the company’s e-commerce platform. This outpaced Amazon’s total revenue gains of 37%, which climbed to a record $96 billion for the quarter.

[In late 2018] Amazon’s ad revenue notched year-over-year revenue gains in the triple-digits and topped $10 billion in ad revenue for the year. That has vaulted Amazon up the list, making the company the No. 3 digital ad platform in the US.”

Meanwhile, Google saw their annual digital ad revenue fall for the first time in 12 years, not to mention the increasing number of anti-trust regulations and lawsuits constantly being thrown their way. 

Watch out, Facebook! The new kid in town is ready to steal your lunch…


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